As a counselor of law, I help my clients in and out of court. I give advice and resources to my client and my client’s family. Sometimes, that includes connecting them with a bail bond company who cares as much as I do.

If there is a warrant out there for you, putting you in touch with the right bondsman can help relieve some of the stress. If you are afraid of getting arrested on your Florida warrant while you’re with your family or at work, I can assist in this situation. Even if you are from out of state, I can help.

Bail Bond Lawyer

If you were involved in a situation where charges may have been filed against you, finding out if you have an active warrant can he hard. I can help you with that.

I can also determine if there is a warrant and whether there is a bond on the warrant to allow you to get out of jail.

What does this mean? If there is a bond on the warrant, I can arrange for you to turn yourself in without spending time in jail. I will help you every step of the way. Call me today at 850-439-0999.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond can be obtained if the judge who signed the arrest warrant approved a bond being set. Normally, a bail bond requires that you post (place holder) of the total amount with a bail bondsman. This amount is paid, together with a promissory note, stating that the client will appear for all required court appearances Of course, if you also hire me, an Okaloosa County criminal defense attorney, you will not have to appear. I will appear on your behalf.

Arrest Warrants

An arrest warrant may be issued if you were involved in an incident or accident but weren’t arrested right away. Typically, this happens when the police continue to investigate before making a decision to arrest.

I will check daily to determine if there is a warrant for you. I will give you ease of mind and it is FREE to speak with me.

Need a Recommendation for a Good Bail Bond Company?

If you need to arrange bail, I can recommend a caring bail bond company that helps people who have been arrested.

They have helped me with local and out of town clients facing a variety of different charges.

The entire process can take less than 30 minutes and the worry is resolved. No more wondering if you are going to get arrested. Don’t get arrested unexpectedly or while you are at work. Call an Okaloosa County bail bond and warrant attorney right away at 850-439-0999.