Don’t accept your DUI charges.

When facing a DUI charge, it is important to hire a quality, experienced DUI lawyer to represent you in court. The Law Office of Robert A. Dees has the skills and tools necessary to create a strong defense in your favor that will help Extinguish your DUI charges. There are several defenses to DUI charges, but here are just a few:

  • Unreasonable stop of a person in a vehicle: It is illegal for a police officer to pull someone over without a reasonable belief that a traffic law has been violated.
  • Weaving: A vehicle weaving between lanes and crossing lane lines is not an illegal action, and cannot be considered a reasonable belief of traffic law violation.
  • Anonymous Drunk Driving Reports: A police officer cannot pull you over based on an anonymous report.
  • Field Sobriety Testing: Field sobriety tests have many inaccuracies and do not flawlessly assess a person’s sobriety in such a situation.
  • Scientific vs. Governmental Sobriety: Medical science has not validated that basic sobriety tests, like touching your nose or saying the alphabet, constitute actual sobriety.
  • Breath Test Inaccuracies: Police often fail to follow protocol during these tests, and consequent analyses and recommendations are likely invalid.
  • Videotaping Suspects: Suspects are usually videotaped at the police station where their sobriety is evident, which contradicts an officer’s testimony.
  • Speedy Trial: The government’s failure to administer a timely trial, the charges must be dismissed. “Speedy” is variable across state lines.
  • Weather Conditions: High winds, low visibility due to rain, snow, fog, etc., and other weather conditions can be used to explain driving performance at the time of the pullover.
  • Officer’s Previous Record: A police officer’s previous disciplinary record can be used to assess the credibility of the officer’s claims and attest to his “reason” for the pullover.